10 Tips for the Perfect Family Road Trip

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It’s crunch time – summer has just one precious month left, and families all over the country are getting out on the road for one more vacation. Nothing says “road trip” like kilometres of open highway, good music and your favorite vacation destination in sight.

When you have kids, road trips can also mean countless bathroom breaks and snack attacks.

As you pack the car, and the kids, for your much anticipated summer getaway, set yourself up for success with the following tips. After all, your vacation begins the moment you pull out of the driveway.

1)    Leave at the right time. Try leaving early in the morning to avoid rush hour, congestion and the unpleasantness of being trapped in the car for longer than you need to be.

2)    Map it: Plan your route ahead of time to make the journey as smooth as possible. Use your GPS to plan the best route, but be sure to have maps and guidebooks close at hand.

3)    Stock up on snacks: Pack a small cooler and load cup holders with plenty of water and healthy classics like trail mix, granola bars, almonds and fruit. Consider an emergency treat to use in the case of an unexpected meltdown.

4)    Set the play list: Stock up on the right mix of music to keep everyone entertained. Try including a relaxing set and a more upbeat alternative to match the moods in the car.

5)    Break up the trip: Taking a few minutes to stretch and walk around works wonders.  Plan to make stops along the way to take advantage of beautiful vistas.

6)    Play games: Who doesn’t love a game of “I Spy?” Engage the kids in your surroundings to take everyone’s mind off the long road ahead.

7)    Turn over a new leaf: Let your kids bring a favourite book for some quiet time. Kids have amazing imaginations; let them use it.

8)    Get cozy: Don’t forget special blankets, pillows and stuffed animals to help lull the little ones to sleep.

9)    Showtime: Reserve a special movie for later in the trip, when snacks are running low and patience is wearing thin.  Something they haven’t seen before will add to the excitement.

10) Plan it all in reverse: Don’t forget the ride home! Make sure you have enough supplies for the return trip. Consider stopping at a discount store to find trinkets and pocket games to add some pizzazz to the ride home. Don’t forget to discuss your favourite memories to add to the scrapbook!

Do you use any of these tricks to help make your roadtrip crisis-free?  Do you have any more of your own to add?  We want to know! 


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