The Ford RS badge denotes a proud lineage—a history of motorsport excellence spanning more than four decades. This year, Ford launches the newest entry in the family with the 2016 Focus RS; the pinnacle performance vehicle in the Focus lineup.

This year at the Montreal Auto Show, we showed it off to Canadian car enthusiasts on the showroom floor for the first time. Host Francisco Randez spoke to Marc Vejgman, Ford Canada’s Car Product Marketing Manager, to get a tour of the new RS and to hear a bit more about what makes it special.

“The Focus RS is the top of the line in the Focus range,” said Mr. Vejgman. “It is the performance, all-wheel drive car.”

With deliveries slated to begin in Spring 2016, the new RS is not just the culmination of a mammoth engineering and R&D effort, but also a reflection of the passionate community of enthusiasts who’ve waited years to get their hands on precisely this automobile. Stock, the 2016 RS is equipped with a 2.3L EcoBoost engine, boasts 350 horsepower, can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and hits a top speed of 265 km/h.

Among the many features inspired by its rally cross pedigree are a performance shift light that alerts drivers when they’re approaching the optimum upshift point of 5,900 rpm. It features all-wheel drive and leverages a state-of-the-art network of sensors to monitor conditions in real time and adjust parameters on the fly.

The 2016 Focus RS will be assembled in Saarlouis, Germany and will be available in Canada in early summer. The countdown is on!