“Disruptive” is commonly used to describe technology – new inventions spawn new industries while forever changing those that came before. On a smaller scale, technology disrupts our every day routines in ways we often don’t notice.

Beyond changing the way we drive, the entire experience of being inside the vehicle has changed. From driver assist technologies to cabin layout, everything about the act of sitting inside your car is different now from twenty years ago.

The 2017 Ford Fusion features a dial transmission shifter designed to maximize the available space, but it also challenges the way we normally shift from park to drive and back again. Combined with keyless entry and available push button starts, the way we enter, exit, stop and start our vehicles can require a retraining of the brain.

It is with this in mind that Ford introduces the Return to Park feature:

Return To Park slips your Fusion back into park if any of the three conditions below are met, helping to avoid unwanted rollaways:

  • You turn the vehicle off;
  • You open the driver’s door with your safety belt unlatched and the vehicle stationary; or
  • Your safety belt is unlatched with the driver’s door open and the vehicle stationary.

It only takes one mental lapse to cause thousands of dollars of damage to your vehicle and property around you, or worse, to take a life.

Have you ever had a close call with your vehicle rolling away on you? Tell us about it in the comments or over on Ford Canada’s Facebook page.