With the Ford Escape SYNC®3 system, directions, music, phone calls and Siri can be controlled from the tip of your tongue. There’s no need to take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel. Make your drive easier through voice commands with SYNC®3’s next generation of voice-activated technology.



We thought it would be fun to ask Michael Lennard, Ford Canada Technology Marketing Manager, what his favourite SYNC®3 commands are:

  1. “Call Mom” and “Call Home”
  2. “Search nearest Thai Food”
  3. “Play Sirius Alt Nation”
  4. “Climate set temp 19 degrees”
  5. “When are the Leafs playing next?”

With SYNC®3 you can enjoy all of the great SYNC® features. New easy-to-use design. New interface. New features. SYNC®3 is not only new, it’s responsive and innovative. Discover how SYNC®3 delivers next-level connectivity to your busy life.

What are your favourite SYNC®3 features?