Going on a road trip this summer? Get the most out of your trip with a few simple preparations!


Ford Canada 5 Road Trip Tips
1. Five Minutes Check Without the Tech

Before going on any trip it’s best to give your vehicle a five-minute inspection to avoid surprises later on the road. Specifically look for: tire pressure as noted on your vehicle car door, windshield cracks, oil dipstick levels, and working front/back lights. It’s best to schedule a maintenance appointment, for any additional services and double check the readiness of your vehicle, two to three weeks before your trip. If you need to replace a tire, or have a spare on hand, be sure to use the Ford Service Tire Finder.

Ford Canada 5 Summer Road Trip Tips






2. No Batteries Required

After three plus hours on the road, conversation and music can only do so much. To avoid boredom, hang an in-car entertainment organizer over the front headrest from a shoe holder. Each pocket can contain games, window stickers, colouring books, card games, and various activities. Such items avoid strain on young eyes with high tech toys. Mental stimulation games also provide minimal sound without distracting the driver.

Create an in-car entertainment organizer for your road trip.






3. Master Disaster Kit

Before a long trip, be prepared with a printed list that includes emergency phone contacts back home and the phone number of your hotel or destination. Additionally, having an emergency kit in your vehicle ensures you’re ready to hunker down if need be. Do go over your kit items and if items need to be replaced or added. A comprehensive emergency kit should include: jumper cables, first aid kit, emergency blankets, non-perishable foods, water, a flashlight, flares, and windshield washer fluid. Hopefully you won’t have to use them, but you’ll be glad you were ready if you do.

Have an emergency kit with updated items for emergencies.






4.  Go Analog

The fun of a road trip is the unexpected. Depending on your route, and sense of adventure, your GPS may lose signal. In that case, be prepared and go analog with printed directions of your destination, and hotel reservations. To make planning easier, Ford Canada offers a free, customized Travel Planner through regular mail. For more information, please call 1.800.665.2006 or you can send an email directly to Sykes Roadside Services who is providing roadside services on behalf of Ford of Canada.

call 1.800.665.2006 or you can send an email directly to Sykes Roadside Services who is providing roadside services on behalf of Ford of Canada.






5. Keep Calm and Drive On

The best part about a road trip is the memories made. After the trip is said and done, your vehicle requires maintenance to continue going on long hauls. See your local Ford dealer who can provide the appropriate care for your vehicle so you can do another trip all over again.

Keep driving your Ford with proper maintenance






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