When you’re thinking about your next cottage vacation, you want a place that will please everyone. Staying out in the countryside and finding new and exciting places to see,  the best way to find it is to plan your trip well in advance. So here are 5 tips to find the perfect cottage in 2013.

1. Who’s on the guest list?

Always begin by asking yourself if you next cottage vacation is going to be a romantic get away, a family affair or a large get together for a real party. Finding out the number of guests is essential to deciding the kind of cottage you  will need.

Identifying who is coming will also help you plan the best route! If it’s a small crowd, the Ford Escape can accommodate up to 5 people, and there is plenty of room for all the luggage with the Escape’s impressive storage.

2. Where are we going?

Every cottage regions is uniquely different and that is what makes it so exciting just be sure to check out in advance where the local towns are to pick up supplies and for quick access to amenities and of course to experience the local attractions.

Be sure to consider the distance when planning your getaway: it has an impact on fuel budget, and driving time. MyFord touch has a great navigation system that allows you to choose from the fastest or the most eco friendly route and rest assured you will travel in great comfort in the new Escape.

3. What’s the budget?

Obviously, if there are other people included on the trip, you should consider their vacation budget. Knowing the overall budget is essential for determining how much you can spend on the rental.

Always include costs related to fuel, food, activities, emergencies and other items to buy. However, because the Escape has EcoBoost fuel-efficiency, you can budget less money for gas and put more towards the rental, which means you can get a cottage that best suits your needs and wants

4. What Cottage Features  do you want?

To find the perfect cottage, make a list of all the bells and whistles you want to have. Comfort level varies a lot from one place to another. Some will accept dogs, others provide bedding, spa, BBQ, fire pit, toys and much more.

Take some time to pinpoint what you want to bring, like a bicycle kayak and or water toys. It’s easy to bring just about anything in the new Ford Escape because  of  the ample space available in the back

5. Where to search?

Once you’ve answered all those questions, it’s time to begin the search. Sometimes it’s great to ask your personal network for recommendations, but also do your own research online. You have access to hundreds of options, regardless of the region. Some great web sites to search are Homeaway, Cottages Canada Online and Travelandescape.ca.

Like everything in life, planning is essential. Determining your needs and narrowing down a budget before beginning the search helps to save time and also money if you book well in advance.. For the 2013 cottage season, don’t hesitate to begin your search now, because the best places usually go fast!