We love the Shelby GT350. A lot.

It’s what we think about all day and dream about at night—any reason to get behind that wheel is good enough for us. It helps that the Shelby is a thing of beauty with plenty going on under the hood.

Are we obsessed with Shelby Mustangs? Absolutely. And after reading these seven simple, yet powerful reasons, you’ll understand why.

Reason #1: Because it sounds like this.

When Ford transitioned the GT350 from the traditional crossplane crankshaft to the flat-plane crankshaft, there may have been some concern that it would lose its roar. It didn’t. You can almost feel all 526 HP stampeding out through the exhaust. And if we’re talking next-level, the GT350 and GT350R offer a button that toggles between Quiet (for when you don’t want to wake your neighbours) and Performance exhaust modes (for when you want to impress them).

Reason #2: Because of an ongoing passion for innovation. From the beginning, the GT350 has pushed the boundaries of what you can expect from a production vehicle. This push continues with the Shelby GT350R – even down to the wheels. For the first time ever with a production vehicle, the wheels are made from a lightweight carbon fiber that not only makes them look fantastic, but also improves suspension response times, chassis dynamics, steering feel, and ride quality.

Ford Shelby GT350R with carbon fiber wheels.
Ford Shelby GT350R with carbon fiber wheels.

Reason #3: Because the original Shelby GT350 was designed by Carroll Shelby. From its inception, the Shelby GT350 Mustang was designed with a racing heritage in mind. After all, Carroll was a man who wanted to put the best performance vehicles in the hands of drivers across the world. He was passionate about building the best cars in the world, and that passion bleeds through the veins of the GT350 today.

Carroll Shleby in car with quote. “It was fun to blow off a Porsche with a $3900 donkey [the 1965 Shelby GT350R Mustang]”
Carroll Shelby, a man whose name is synonymous with racing, designed the GT350.
Reason #4: Because it is the supercar for the everyman. The fact that the 1965 GT350 was built up from a stock Mustang is no coincidence. In fact, Carroll Shelby’s vision was to transform a great everyday car into a dominant road racer. The result was a truly street legal racing vehicle – a vehicle that won the SCCA Production B class, beating the Corvette and a bevy of other world-class competitors.

Side view of 1965 GT350 fastback
The fastback body helps define the style of the Shelby GT350.

Reason #5: Long live the Fastback. In 1965, Ford introduced the “Fastback” body design on the Mustang, and the flagship model of the body type was the GT350. Ever since, the fastback has become one of the most collectible and sought-after designs for car enthusiasts. The new models of the GT350 have a similar aggressive fastback design.

Aerial view of 2016 Ford GT350
The iconic racing stripes on the GT350 make it look fast, even when it is standing still

Reason # 6: The stripes. From the day the GT350 was born, it has showed off its iconic birthmark: the double racing stripe from bumper to bumper. The stripes give the car a constant sense of motion, and a not-so-subtle hat-tip to its racing heritage. The 2016 GT350 and GT350R both continue this legacy in all available colors.

Aerial view of 2016 Ford GT350
The iconic racing stripes on the GT350 make it look fast, even when it is standing still

Reason #7: It is drenched in racing-inspired details. For example: the heads-up shifting indicator, which tells you when to shift at the optimal time. Race drivers have used the technology for decades to identify the perfect speed for the shift point to kick in maximum acceleration. And it’s standard on all 2016 Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT350R models.

Looping GIF of the GT350 shift indicator light.
The shift indicator light on the GT350 helps you make the perfect shift without taking your eyes off the road.

Those are our reasons. Anything to add? Weigh in below in the comments section. And while we are waiting for the 2016 GT350 and GT350R to arrive in the 35 authorized dealerships across the country, share in our daydream by watching them run hot laps side-by-side.