Ford Canada’s Oakville Assembly complex is one of the most advanced auto plants in the world. Home to two Ford vehicles, the Flex and the Edge, this plant has the ability to turn out a car every minute … literally. That’s over 200, 000 vehicles a year!

This is the only Ford plant that produces these two models. From here, these Canadian beauties are shipped all around the world for sale in places like the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the U.S.

The Oakville plant first opened in 1953, and has produced exclusive cars including the LTD, Tempo, Topaz, Windstar and Freestar. The complex received a $1-billion overhaul in 2006. Along with 440 robots on the line, the new plant is able to adjust the output of the cars to respond quickly to customer demand for a particular model.

Check out the video above for a rare glimpse inside the Oakville Assembly Plant with Ford Canada’s Alan Cervoni, Launch Planning and Workforce Readiness Leader!