Pride and passion are two words that come to mind when I think of Mustang owners. They didn’t buy into just any car; they invested into the 49-year legacy that is the Mustang, a vehicle that’s won the hearts of millions of drivers spanning many generations.

Members of this passionate community of drivers recently gathered at the annual Stampede BBQ Mustang Show at Ford Canada headquarters in Oakville, Ont., and I was lucky enough to attend. The owners took pride in showing off their ponies, as well as raising money for the Trillium Health Centre Foundation and the Canadian Crime Victim Foundation (they managed to raise $5,000 this year!).

The BBQ was organized by two local Mustang clubs, The Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association and the Greater Toronto Area Mustang Club. Around 300 Mustangs were present.

Panoramic shot of Mustang BBQ

Sea of Mustangs

Upon arriving at Ford, I was greeted with a sea of Mustangs filling the front lot. It’s quite the sight. But what I soon realized was that this show wasn’t simply a car event, but at its heart, a social event, where hobbyists could gather to check out all the other ponies, show off their own, and get tips and tricks on how they can improve their vehicles.

Paul and Susanne Dunbrook
This couple is proud of their Mustang.

Meet Susanne and Paul 

Cars were still arriving as I walked the lot, but once in place, owners gave their Mustangs one last shine before enjoying the show. One of the first couples I had the pleasure to meet was Susanne and Paul Dunbrook. Paul, a former Ford employee, was still shining his Black 1995 Mustang GT convertible, when Susanne began telling me about their treasured vehicle.

What I immediately gleaned from the conversation is that they’re extremely passionate about their car and proud of its legacy. They are very involved in the community, attending numerous Mustang events over the summer, including a road trip to Ferndale, Michigan for the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Yellow and red Mustangs on the lot
Yellow and red Mustangs — is there a better summer sight?

 Soaking up the sights

Once the event was in full swing, people were strolling the lot checking out the cars with big grins on their faces. Many were soaking up the sun and energy of the crowd, while simply lounging in fold-up chairs beside their Mustangs.

Whether they were an owner of a classic Mustang or a brand-new model, it was quite evident that everyone I met was passionate about their cars and each had a unique story to tell.


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Lineup of Mustangs


For five decades, the Mustang has been a cultural icon. It’s been driven by everyone from Steven McQueen to James Bond and embodies a spirit of independence set free.

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