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Jean-Philippe Allard

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Hi! I’m Jean-Philippe, Community Manager for Ford Canada in Quebec. As such, you can contact me en français anytime! I’m based in beautiful Montreal, where car-sized potholes meet with a great diversity of shops, cafés and a buzzing nightlife. I love tweeting and interacting in both languages and I think the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic component of Montreal is what makes it so great!

As much as I like talking about massive horsepower, finely tuned suspensions and crazy track days, I have lately taken an interest in electric and plug-in hybrid cars. I simply find their smoothness and quietness amazing, and get all warm and fuzzy inside when I drive around not burning any gas. I’m really looking forward to the future development of this amazing technology!

If you feel like chatting about things unrelated to cars, I’m also a movie-nut, a caffeine addict and a cat-lover. I love photography and good food, but you won’t see me #Foodstagramming anytime soon. Got to keep some things secret!

Looking forward to writing on interesting things, and hope you will enjoy my stories!

10 quick facts about Jean-Philippe:

Best thing in my life: My fantastic girlfriend and my loving family.
What’s on my playlist: Benny Goodman, Led Zeppelin, The Black Keys, Gorillaz and RJD2. It really depends on my mood!
What I like to do: Cycling, movies, video games and good food in great company. Oh and driving fast cars and motorcycles. A lot.
Favourite Shows: Dexter, The Walking Dead and 19-2
Favourite Quote: Some say that his tears are adhesive, and that if he caught fire, he’d burn for a thousand days… all we know is, he’s called the Stig. ~ Jeremy Clarkson, Top Gear UK
Personal Blog:
Favourite Athletes: Usain Bolt. Destroying a world record with untied shoe laces and after eating chicken nuggets? That’s awesome.
What I’m craving right now: Chicken nuggets.
Best way to contact me: @FordJPAllard
Favourite vehicles: School Bus Yellow 2012 Mustang Boss 302 or 2006 Red Ford GT

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