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Lidia Le François

Hello! I’m Lidia Le François; a social writer for Ford Canada. I’ve been social writing since 2005, back when being Tom’s friend was an honour. With four blogs under my belt, safe to say I enjoy writing.

Professionally, I have a history of working on car accounts and I like the cars, the cars that go boom. There’s really nothing like a sweet design with an engine that can perform. I would recommend that people learn how to drive standard; the experience between automatic and stick is night and day. Especially when going on a test drive, the car that responds and thrives under pressure gets my attention.

I look forward to the comments and interacting with other people who appreciate a well-built vehicle like a Ford.

Articles by Lidia Le François

25 Jul 2016

Ford Teams Up

On June 12th, Ford Canada proudly ‘teamed up’ with the MLSE Foundation to present the 2016 MLSE Team Up Challenge in support of Camp Trillium. The…