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Sara Mercier

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Hello, it’s me – Sara Mercier!

I had the pleasure of writing and producing stories for the Ford Blog and meeting amazing, loyal Ford Owners from 2012 – 2013. The exciting, new, digital work our team was doing inspired me to return to school to enroll in the Master of Digital Experience Innovation program at the University of Waterloo.

I have fond memories of working for the blog and remember always leaving a video shoot or phone interview feeling incredibly proud of the work the Ford community was up to. The Ford community is one that is driven, dedicated and very giving to others, a group I am honoured to continue to be part of.

When I worked for the blog I was quoted saying how a small town girl like myself one day hoped to own a Ford F-150. …Today my fiance Chris and I enjoy cruising around our small town of Bowmanville with our cute golden doodle named Mookie in our white, 2015 Ford F-150 which we’ve nick named, John Snow.

Although I no longer work for the blog, I still enjoy sharing in online Ford discussions. Today you can find me in the classroom teaching digital marketing as a Professor at Durham College. You can bet I enjoy sharing my Ford Blog experiences and stories with my students. My dreams continue to come true!

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