Moving is stressful – there’s no way around it. That stress is often compounded when the move takes you or your kids back to school, and thoughts of sunbathing and swimsuits are rudely interrupted by textbooks and teachers.

This fall, Ricky Bowen is going into his fourth year at McMaster University in Hamilton. We joined him and his parents at their home in Mississauga to pack Ricky up and send him back to Mac.

Packing is an art that can be interpreted many ways. People pack everything from boxes and garbage bags, to laundry baskets and luggage. Trying to figure out the best way to pack up the family car leaves many people standing in the driveway staring at their loot, wishing there was an easier way. We are here to help with this convenient list that should have you ready to go!

Top 10 Packing Tips:

1. Any seats that can be folded down should be, to allow for as much space as possible.

2. Stay away from using the inside of the passenger area for storing your luggage. Braking at 50 km/h means that loose items can have a force of up to 50 times their weight!

3. Pack large, heavy items first, for even weight distribution in the car.

4. Flat items, like a bed, can either be laid on the bottom, with other items piled on top; slid in sideways along one side of the vehicle, or strapped to the roof.

5. Separate essential items from the rest, so that they can be packed last.

6. If you can’t see into your packing items (if items are in boxes instead of a laundry basket, for example) label them on all sides so it’s easy to see what you’re unpacking on the other end of the journey.

7. Wrap breakable items in bedding or clothes to reduce friction and the chance of opening a box of smashed plates!

8. Keep a bag in the front seat with important documents, wallet, phones and computers, so that they don’t get lost in the abyss that is surely becoming the back seats.

9. Keep an inventory list of each box, or bag, and its contents. This will be very helpful if you can’t find anything when you arrive at your destination.

10. Pack healthy snacks and water for the trip, so that you’re fuelled up to unpack as soon as you arrive!

Are there any tips that you would like to share? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.