Journalists and bloggers from around the world travelled to Dearborn in June 2012 to the Go Further with Ford Trend Conference. Ford brought together leaders in each field to discuss their perspectives on five key trends: technology, design, eco-psychology, urbanization and DIY.

Ford Canada was happy to work with three Canadian bloggers who visited the Go Further conference and took part in the activities and workshops. Let’s hear from them on what they thought.

Joallore Alon –

Joallore Alon -

What was your overall impression of the Trends Conference?
Overall, I thought it was interesting to see that Ford understands that it’s not just about cars. It’s understanding the consumer and behaviours that change in today’s world. The trends we see in fashion, lifestyle, etc. all play an influence on our way of living. It was great to see this point of view, especially from Ford.

What was your favorite part?
My favourite portion was the StyleCaster-led session on trends. It touched upon architecture, industrial design, fashion design and how cross-pollination and democratization is evolving our everyday lives. It shows the inspiration of where design comes from. It’s the actions of global being local.

Any other comments you would like to share about the experience…
Overall, the conference gave me an understanding of the process of building a product. The technology and ideas brought forth by various research and development maintain integrity and make the process sustainable in the long term. It was great to see a company that put so much thought and detail into the end product.

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Trina Stewart –

Trina Stewart -

What was your overall impression of the Trends Conference?
Ford always knows how to treat their invited guests; the Go Further Trend Conference was no different. They had a good mix of fun and interesting things to do while mixing it up with sessions about their future objectives. It was a fabulous three days.

What was your favorite thing?
I really enjoyed listening to Bill Ford at Ford Field. His Q&A with David Kirkpatrick, the tour of Ford Field, and the accessibility in creating new relationships that evening made it my favorite part of the trip.

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Casie Stewart –

Casie Stewart -

What was your impression of the Trends Conference?
The conference was an awesome experience. I enjoyed the sessions, meeting the other media in attendance, and the effort Ford took to cover every detail for us to enjoy our stay in Dearborn.

What was your favorite part?
My favourite part was the Ford TechShop. I grew up playing in the garage with my Dad so the ability to float around a bunch of stations to build things was a total blast. I made a star pendant out of pewter, designed a beer mug that was put in a frosting machine, and made LED lights to throw on the ceiling. The band Blind Pilot played at the end of TechShop night and they were so good.

Any other comments you would like to share about the experience…
I’m really impressed with Ford’s dedication to innovation. I talk about innovation all the time and believe that brands need to follow “innovate or die” rules.

Ford is really stepping out of the box to find ways to use materials that would otherwise have been discarded to create car parts. There’s recycled denim in the carpets on all the new Ford Focus cars!

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