Bring your A-Game

Possibly one of the most exciting things we’ve been able to take part in this year was the Canadian Ford ChallengeDaSilva Racing recently hosted the inaugural Challenge at the St. Thomas Raceway in Sparta, ON.

Whether you have a high-performance Mustang or an old sedan, the Canadian Ford Challenge is open to all classes of cars.  Anyone with a Ford is welcome to participate in the “Show and Shine” exhibition of vehicles, as well as register in single and head-to-head racing down the quarter-mile drag strip.

Here’s Joe DaSilva and Jay Morse to tell you more about this year’s event and how you can participate in next year’s Canadian Ford Challenge!

At the Canadian Ford Challenge, we met Weslee and his parents, Jennah and Brian.  Four-year-old Weslee was born with a congenital heart disease called Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, but this didn’t stop this Mustang super-fan from showing up.  Together with his parents and fellow Mustang friends, he brought his own Mustang down to the raceway to show it off.

Unbeknownst to us, his real plan was to run the quarter mile (and maybe pick up an award or two). Check out Weslee’s story in the video below!

We are so happy to have met Weslee and to feature his sweet Shelby Mustang on the blog!  Huge thanks go out to Joe and the entire DaSilva Racing team for giving Weslee the chance to live out his dreams on the track.

Not Just a One-Time Event!

The Canadian Ford Challenge was a huge success in 2012, and it’s just getting started.  The Challenge will return next year, and is open to all Ford owners with pride in their ride.  For all your Canadian Ford Challenge info, visit

Now let’s get to what you’re really here for: some engine-screaming, tire-melting quarter mile fun courtesy of Joe DaSilva and his race-worthy Mustang (editor’s note: watch the camera kick back when Joe floors it! 180km/h!!)

For five decades, the Mustang has been a cultural icon. It’s been driven by everyone from Steven McQueen to James Bond and embodies a spirit of independence set free.

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