With more brands, body styles and engine options available than ever before, buying a new vehicle can be daunting. For active drivers, Utility Vehicles (SUVs and CUVs) offer versatility designed for our busy lives.

But how do you pick the right one?

2018 Ford EcoSport
The exciting all-new Ford EcoSport compact SUV, coming in early 2018!

Ford, the top-selling brand of SUVs in Canada, offers a diverse SUV lineup, including the all-new EcoSport compact SUV (coming in early 2018), joining the Escape, Edge, Explorer, Flex and Expedition, meaning that there’s an ideal Ford SUV for your lifestyle.

More than ever, people know that SUVs can offer many benefits over traditional sedans. In fact, SUVs now outsell cars in Canada, with new models arriving every year.  Canadian consumers eagerly await the return of the Ford Bronco and an all-electric Ford SUV, both expected by 2020.

Here are six questions and answers to help ensure you find the Ford SUV that perfectly fits your life:

Why should I consider an SUV?

Drivers know that affordable prices, high efficiency and fun driving dynamics are no longer just the domain of smaller cars. SUVs now play in those territories as well, while also offering other advantages: a higher driving position that helps you see over traffic, versatile storage space, and easy access when stepping in-and-out or loading kids into safety seats.

There are plenty of options for drivers to choose from.  Ford’s engineers recognize that SUVs are not one-size-fits-all solutions; some prioritize fun-to-drive while others prefer more space; some want all of the latest smart technologies while others just want pure capability. Most important, the SUV you choose needs to feel like an extension of you.  That’s why Ford offers a full range of SUVs, each one designed for the different needs and wants of today’s drivers.

Ford Explorer – it built the segment

How many seats do I need?

Think about it as packing smart. You wouldn’t take a suitcase full of rock climbing gear on a picnic. Likewise, you want a vehicle that does everything you need, without a lot of space you don’t plan to use.

If you do most of your driving in the city, check out a compact SUV like the all-new Ford EcoSport, arriving in Canada early 2018. A compact SUV is easier to park and maneuvre through rush-hour traffic, but features a versatile cargo area to give you plenty of options and storage space for a weekend getaway.

If you feel you need a little more vehicle, the Ford Escape is one of Canada’s top-selling SUVs, and for good reason. The Escape offers an ideal balance between space and economy, power and fuel efficiency – not to mention a suite of available driver assist technology.

And if you need even more vehicle in the city, the Edge provides more space, more cargo area, and some of the most advanced safety features and available technology found anywhere in the Ford lineup.

The Sport package offers all the bells and whistles, from 20” aluminum rims and the standard 2.7-Litre EcoBoost V6 engine, plus options for Active Park Assist, Lane-Keeping Assist, and a host of others!

For those that really need space, the Ford Flex and Ford Explorer can carry up to seven, while the Ford Expedition boasts capacity for eight.  These larger SUVs come with plenty of storage area that can be modified based on the number of passengers.

The all-new 2018 Ford Expedition

Do I plan to head off the beaten track? 

We may all daydream of driving an SUV in extreme desert races or remote, untouched wilderness. But have you driven off-road in the past few months?

SUVs inspire greater confidence when driving over adverse terrain. But different SUVs have different capabilities, and it’s worth considering what capabilities you need.

Beyond cold weather driving, SUVs with AWD and 4WD capabilities are ideal for towing. Recent polling reveals 75% of potential SUV customers plan to tow with their vehicle at least once a month. From boats and campers to “grown up toys” for all seasons, the capability of the EcoBoost engines and available Tow Mode on the Explorer and Expedition make towing your toys from A to B easier than ever.

In fact, the all-new 2018 Expedition has an exclusive new FX4 model, designed for the 20% of Expedition drivers that take their full-sized SUV off-road regularly. Its standard equipment includes off-road-tuned shocks, skid plates, and an all-new electronic limited-slip rear differential to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

For more practical SUV drivers, the advantage of these vehicles is plain to see. In many parts of Canada, SUVs offer better ground clearance as well as the four-by-four or all-wheel drive capability to navigate through tough conditions.

The Ford Explorer or the all-new full-sized Ford Expedition, which boasts more than 20cm of minimum running ground clearance, are ready for whatever Canadian winters have to offer. In the Explorer, the Platinum and Sport trim levels feature standard 20” rims, giving you plenty of rubber to connect to the roads.

Are high-tech gadgets part of my life?

 You know who you are: surrounded by electronic devices, you can’t wait for the day when your social media feed is transmitted directly to your brain.

If you’re tech-savvy and need an SUV that accommodates family needs, the Ford Edge offers a spacious interior and, like the rest of Ford’s SUV lineup, the latest in available technology: interactive touchscreens, Bluetooth connectivity, voice-controlled GPS through SYNC 3 and full app integration through FordPass.

Small SUVS like Escape and the mid-sized Edge come with space for families that are either just starting out or feature multiple child seats in the back. With loads of available tech, from Enhanced Active Park Assist that allows you to parallel and perpendicular park hands-free, to being able to open the tailgate with a simple kick under the rear bumper when your hands are full.

The brand new EcoSport is a compact SUV that makes the most of its size and doesn’t skimp on technology. The large 8” floating touchscreen is home to the SYNC 3 system, complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, and available SYNC Connect can provide a WiFi Hotspot in some areas.

How much does fuel economy matter to me?

 This is a trick question. Who doesn’t care about fuel economy? The good news is many modern SUVs are more fuel efficient than previous generations thanks to improvements in design and engineering. Turbocharged EcoBoost engines, available across Ford’s SUV lineup, are designed to combine performance and fuel-efficiency so that you don’t need to compromise.

How much do I want to spend?

This one is entirely up to you. No matter what you’re looking for and how much you plan to spend, there’s a Ford SUV that meets your needs and budget.

Not only does the Ford SUV line feature the full range of sizes, but each model offers competitive trim levels and customization packages. With a variety of models, powertrains, features and technology, there’s a Ford SUV at your price that will perfectly fit your life, which as you know, is always in motion.

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