Family man, car fanatic, tech wiz, eco-conscious: Dave Raymond is a marketing professional and jack of all trades. When shopping for a new car, he and his wife, Liz, were looking for an Electrified Vehicle that would integrate seamlessly into their busy lifestyle and save them money. The 2013 Ford C-MAX Energi hatchback fit the bill.

Dave and Liz live in London, Ontario with their two young daughters and three dogs. They’re constantly on the go, and rely on their Ford to help them go further.

C-MAX Energi Owner Dave Raymond

Like Dave, his C-MAX Energi wears many hats. This plug-in hybrid allows the driver to choose between all-electric mode, using power from the lithium-ion battery, and the hybrid electric-gasoline engine for longer trips. He cruises to and from work, and around London on his battery, which takes him approximately 30 km before the engine fires up. Even using the engine, Dave saves fuel because it runs as a hybrid of both electric and gas modes, using regenerative braking to recharge the battery and supplement the gas engine at idle and cruising speeds.

The vehicle’s smart capabilities continue to impress Dave, who loves the connectivity aspect of his ride. He uses the MyFord app to start, lock and unlock, and heat or cool the car, which came in handy when he and his family lived in Northern Ontario a few years back.

“In the winter, we experienced temperatures as cold as 50 below,” said Dave. “Fortunately, I was able to use the MyFord app to program my departure time and the car was warm and ready to go using electricity from the house, no need run the engine.”

The smart technology is great, but what Dave loves most is how fun his C-MAX Energi is to drive. Don’t be fooled by the green badge, the vehicle’s dynamic performance offers power right off the line, perfect for anyone passionate about cars.

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