Regular maintenance rituals cost money, time and impact the environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do away with these things and reduce your environmental footprint?

The Focus Electric, our first all-electric car, is loaded with features that can help your wallet and the planet. You can feel good and still enjoy the rush of a great ride.

Here are a few of the great green innovations in the Focus Electric:

Fast charging batteries. We designed the lithium-ion batteries in the new Focus Electric to be long lasting and efficient. While regenerative braking pumps power back into the batteries every time you step on the brake, the Focus Electric also charges using a standard 120-volt outlet.

Alternatively, an optional 240-volt charging station is available through our good friends at Best Buy and reduces the charging time to just 3-4 hours ! That’s half the time of our closest competitor!

Insane fuel efficiency. The Focus Electric costs a lot less to run compared to gas. How? Let’s look at the math: The Focus Electric has a range of up to 160 km on a full charge and it costs approximately $2.50 to fully charge on average in Canada instead of $16 for gas in a non-electric Focus.

Plus, the Focus Electric has on-board coaches designed to help you get the most out of every charge. Displays will let you know how much distance you have left before it’s time to charge up, how much energy is being consumed by the various accessories and how your braking habits are helping recharging the batteries. It’s almost too smart.

A treasure trove of reclaimed materials. The cloth seats are made from 100% recycled materials call Reprieve® – this means that 2 million plastic bottles are kept out of landfills each year. The cushion foam found in the seats is derived from soy plants and the sound dampening material even includes recycled denim material.

In fact, 90% of each Focus Electric is recyclable. What’s the old saying about ‘one man’s trash’?

All the bells and whistles. Let’s not forget, this is a smart car. And smart cars have cool features like:

With the Ford Focus Electric, you can do your part to help things get better without sacrificing your own wants. It’s like a warm, fuzzy group-hug between you, your car, and the Earth.