Just imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to make those pesky car payments every month. Think about all the exciting (or fiscally-responsible) things you could do with the extra money.

Ford’s Escape Your Payments contest is giving Canadians the chance to save those dollars by awarding one lucky winner a free 2013 Escape.

Getting in on the action is simple – just head to the Ford Escape Facebook page to enter. Just upload a photo of the new Escape and answer the question “What would you do with a 2013 Escape?” Entries will be judged on creativity, so make it interesting! And you better hurry because you’ve only got until Nov. 25, 2012 to enter.

The top 10 finalists will be posted to the Escape Facebook page. Visitors to the page will vote for their favourite entry and the one with the most votes will win!

But before you enter, check out our list of what you could do with your extra cash after winning.

10. Save for your retirement Boring, but very fiscally responsible.

9. Get weekly massages You gotta invest in yourself, right?

8. Take a class to learn new skills Learn to dance, DJ, or play piano – it’s up to you!

7. Invest in a heavy-duty snow blower Winter is coming, so you’d be doing your back a huge favour.

6. Renovate your home How about finishing that backyard patio or why not put in a new kitchen?

5. Hire a personal trainer Get that beach body you’ve always wanted.

4. Throw a monthly party, just for the heck of it You’ve got the extra cash for food and drinks, so why not? Your friends will love you.

3. Buy lotto tickets. Lots and lots of lotto tickets With your new Escape in tow, why not try to double your luck?

2. Become a concert connoisseur With the extra cash, you could check out all the big-name artists who swing by your city on tour stops.

1. Escape the Canadian winter by taking a trip to the sun-filled Caribbean Beaches vs. snow. It’s an easy choice we think!