Are you debating the purchase of winter tires? Not sure of the benefits? Maybe this video will help you make the decision. In a very simple, non-scientific brake test, the video above shows how winter tires offer superior safety.

We put two Ford Focuses on an icy course and had them drive at 50 km/h to a marker before slamming on the brakes. The Focus equipped with winter tires stopped a significant distance shorter than the Focus with all-season tires – 4.5-car lengths shorter, to be exact.

No matter where you’re driving, that range could make the world of difference when it comes to your safety.

Click here to see a comparison of all-season and winter tires. Also, here are 5 winter driving tips to keep in mind:

1. Brake early and often: When roads are filled with snow or ice, it’s important to gradually apply pressure to the brakes. If you slam the brakes, the vehicle may slide.

2. Drop your speeds to match road conditions: If roads are treacherous, it can be safer to drive below the speed limit. Also make sure to observe a safe following distance behind other vehicles.

3. Pay attention to weather forecasts: You don’t want to be stuck far from home during a big storm. Constantly check the forecast before leaving.

4. Stay visible: Turn on your lights so you’re visible to other drivers. Even daytime hours during the winter can be dark.

5. Pack a winter emergency kit: This should include items like a blanket, extra jacket, hat, flashlight, windshield scraper and mini shovel.

Do you have any questions about winterizing your car? Reach out to the experts at your local Ford dealership, or leave your questions in the comments!