For Brianna Bate, having a car is a necessity. Living in Bowmanville, Ont., she needs a car to get everywhere. “As a busy retail associate, I am constantly using my car. Not only for work, though, I need it to get around with my friends.”

Up until a year ago, Brianna never gave much thought to cars. “I had inherited a 1993 Toyota Camry from my grandmother, and I liked it.” But a 19-year-old car can only go so far. “It just got to the point where I was spending more to keep it running than it was worth. So I let it pass away gracefully.”

Brianna’s family had never been loyal to any one brand of car. When her mother was in the market for a new vehicle, she decided on a Ford. So when Brianna went looking for a new car, Ford seemed like the logical place to start.

Brianna and her Ford Fiesta
“I am further proof that Ford makes fun cars!” – Brianna Bate

After visiting a Marigold Ford Lincoln Sales location in nearby Whitby, she decided to try the Fiesta. “After I tried the Fiesta, I didn’t even look at another car. The dealer was so good to me. He got me an amazing lease term that I could afford, and helped me every step of the way.” In Brianna’s case, the dealer even went above and beyond. “When I first received my Fiesta, there was a problem with my insurance. Not only did they help, but set me up with other demo cars from the lot to use in the meantime!”

So what’s to love about the Fiesta? “I’ve had my Fiesta for a year this month. Besides the fact that it’s amazing on gas, my favourite feature is probably SYNC. I love being able to plug in my phone and use it hands-free, and charge it at the same time.”

But didn’t she say something about this car being fun? “Yup. It might sound silly, but I love the customizable interior Ambient lightings. That was for sure made for young people like me. I have the choice of seven different colours, and I totally use them all depending on how I feel!”

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