It’s nice when we get a chance to talk about stories with happy endings. For Deb Hazlewood, a web developer and graphic designer from Hamilton, Ontario, this is one.

In September 2011, Deb made the switch from an aging Dodge Ram 2500 to a 2011 F-150 Super Cab with a 6-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Deb told us, “I wasn’t willing to invest any more money in a truck that was just getting older. I chose the F-150 because it has the tow capacity I [need], and the EcoBoost engine has the best mileage I could find in a truck with that capacity”.

Deb does everything with her F-150: from groceries to home improvements, to her daily commute to Toronto where she works. Now you might think ‘you don’t really need a truck for that’, but the big thing Deb uses her F-150 for isn’t your typical everyday commuting…

For years, Deb has used her trucks for moving around her stable of horses! And this can be a tricky thing. “When towing horses or any live cargo,” Deb says, “there’s a very good chance it will shift and sway. The F-150 offers me the option to be overpowered, which is important when I need to keep the trailer safe and in line”.

Deb Hazlewood and Pog
“I love my F-150. The funny part is, it was the truck I didn’t want to like. Until I drove it.” – Deb Hazelwood

“This is the first available half-tonne truck I’ve ever seen that can haul what I need. The trailer, two horses, cargo and four people weigh a lot, and most smaller trucks can’t do it safely. This one does it with no lag! You can really feel the low-end torque.”

Yes, she really said “low-end torque.”

Not only can the F-150 pull her nearly 8000-pound cargo with power to spare, but it can do it more efficiently than a V8! As Deb explains: “the EcoBoost engine in my F-150 easily uses a third less gas than my last truck, which is great when I have to use it for everything in my life.”

“Sometimes I have to help friends move their horses as well. To attend horse shows, sometimes we have to travel as far as Kentucky. That’s when having a reliable truck is the most important thing. Hands down, this is it for me.”

The F-150 is her fourth Ford, but it’s her first Ford truck. “I was skeptical at first, but this truck has done every single thing the dealer advertised it would. I am seriously in love with it.”

We asked Deb if she would consider a Ford truck the next time she’s in the market. She said, “if newer models perform like my 2011 F-150, I wouldn’t hesitate.” Now that’s what we love to hear!

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