We love cars that come with a history. And when that car celebrates its 76th birthday, it’s obvious it has a great story to tell!

We had the chance to uncover this magnificent (that’s an understatement!) 1936 Ford Phaeton Deluxe in Métis-sur-Mer, Quebec. Bought in 1936 by Alfred Ernest Francis for a tidy $2,500 (about $41,000 today), this charming beauty didn’t go under the knife often, but did need some work on its cylinders, a few radiator solders, new brakes and tires.  Nothing more. Built to last, they used to say!

The Phaeton has always stayed in the family. Its current owner, John Francis, is Alfred’s grandson. He is particularly attached to the Phaeton and has treated as such; and is planning to repair the roof so it can open again.

But don’t think for a moment he squirrels this beauty away. This Phaeton is at major events: village celebrations, firefighter parties and even kids’ birthday parties. Should we be surprised that at the end of our photo shoot he confided with a lot of emotion, “If that car had a soul, it would have been very happy about what you did today”?

Take a look at our interview with John Francis and find out the history of and anecdotes about this amazing car!