Cold Lake, AB is pretty far out there. Located 2.5 hours Northeast of Edmonton, the roads can get fairly dangerous in the winter. After relocating from Calgary, the decision to get into a F-150 XTR for Meghan Melanson and her husband was easy. “The roads up here can be icy, and I wanted something that would be safe for my son.”

Meghan had recently retired their Oldsmobile Bravada, which had served them well, “but it was getting old and just too expensive to maintain.” So the hunt for a new car began. “I think it was my mom that ingrained in me that Ford trucks were the pinnacle of redneck cars,” explains Meghan. “So when we started looking again, I was pretty anti-truck, and Ford was my last choice.”

Luckily, it wasn’t her husband Mitch’s last choice. “We’ve been married for 6 years, and I trust Mitch’s judgement. He’s a research guy, and he just kept coming across more and more great reviews of the F-150. So we had to go and try it out. Five minutes of test driving, and we were sold.”

Meghan and her F-150
“I am further proof that not only rednecks drive Ford trucks.” – Meghan Melanson

Cold Lake Ford worked closely with the Melansons to get them a great deal, and have been great on any service questions they’ve had.

A month in, and it turns out that Meghan couldn’t be happier with the decision to go with a truck. “There’s a lot to like about our new F-150. There’s actually more room and it’s a nicer ride than we had in our SUV. Our son Jake has lots of room in the back, and I love the adjustable pedals. Mitch is a huge fan of the info panels that show fuel economy, and I’ve actually noticed we get exactly the mileage that was advertised.”

Is she surprised to be in love with a truck? “Yes. I never would have thought I’d be driving a truck, but I am and I love it! I would definitely consider another Ford when we eventually have to replace this, and I’ve been telling all my friends thinking about buying a new car to consider a Ford. If I could have my mind changed, anyone can.”

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