For Rob Inglis, his Ford Escape is an essential part of his life. Originally from Alberta and now living in Toronto, Rob uses his Escape every day. “As a Smart Home Consultant, I need room for all my work equipment, but I also want something that can take me and my friends out of the city on the weekend.”

Rob wasn’t always sold on the idea of driving a Ford. “Growing up, we were a Toyota family through and through. We were a three car family, and it was all Toyota. I think I carried that idea forward.”

His last ride, a Toyota Tacoma, started to get him thinking otherwise. The Tacoma is a big car, and while it could hold everything he needed, the drawbacks to its size became clear. As Rob says, “When I moved to Toronto, I realized my Tacoma wasn’t going to be the nimble city car I needed. It was hard to park, the body began to rust earlier than I would have thought, the fuel economy was no good, and the two-wheel drive would get stuck even in Toronto snow. I also thought it was going to be more reliable than it turned out to be.”

Rob Ingles and his Ford Escape
“I am further proof that my Escape can work and play.” – Rob Inglis

So, he made the decision to sell and start looking for something else. Along the way, Rob considered a number of hatchbacks, like the Forrester, but never really thought about looking at an SUV. “I never thought of myself as an ‘SUV guy.’ That was before I test drove the Escape.”

It turns out the Escape was exactly what he was looking for. “It was like a hatchback with more clearance. I love the driving position, the interior space, the fuel efficiency, everything!”

“I love camping, biking, surfing – just generally being outside having fun. My Escape lets me take four other people with me when the idea to hit the road takes hold. I know Toyota’s have a reputation of being reliable, but my Escape really surprised me.” Beyond regular maintenance, Rob hasn’t had to do any major repairs, despite racking up over 130,000 km.

“I am a Ford guy now, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone, even my Toyota family!”

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