Shawn Patterson Baker gets bored quickly. As vice president of a busy medical communications company in Toronto, she doesn’t have time to deal with things that don’t make her happy. She’s also a mom, complete with the cargo that children bring along for any drive.

“I was a ‘minivan mom’ for almost 10 years,” Shawn explains. “When the last lease on my Dodge expired, I swore I’d never be one again. While it was a good fit for getting hockey equipment around, I’m just sick of them.”

When it came time to start shopping for her next car, her decision wasn’t easy. “My mother was always an import driver – mainly Honda. That didn’t interest me. My dad used to move between GMC and Ford. He’s actually back in an F-150 now. I absolutely love the F-150.” (She really does, as she’s even designed her ideal F-150 dual cab!) “But for downtown Toronto it just wasn’t economically practical for us. I also didn’t want a car. Maybe that’s my love for trucks, but I want to be high up.”

So where to go? Shawn already had a pretty high opinion of Fords, so with a family referral, she visited a smaller dealership north of the city to try an Escape. “For all the cars I looked at, the Escape was clearly the best value. The dealership people were amazing as well. No pressure at all. It was like sitting with a neighbour talking about cars. That’s when I was sold.”

So after two years, how does she still feel? “I love it. I even find myself recommending Fords to my friends. There’s some great features inside, like SYNC – I love not having to press any buttons. And it has amazing ‘get up and go.’ But my favourite feature has always been simplicity. My Escape has everything where I need it, and nothing else. I feel like I’m in a truck, and that’s all I wanted!”

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