EJ has been a “Toyota guy” his whole life. After 14 hours with a new Ford truck, that drastically changed.

Now, he feels that he’s “cheating” on Toyota.

EJ spent the day with the 2013 Ford F-150 FX4 during a Swap Your Ride EcoBoost Challenge commercial shoot, and that’s all the time he needed to be convinced.

“I have become an ambassador and I’m proud to say that I believe so strongly in that truck that I want other people to try and experience it,” EJ said. “The F-150 is better than anything Toyota is doing. I daydream of buying an F-150 one day.”


As an industrial project manager working in Alberta, EJ is immersed in the truck culture. So, he knows his trucks and it’s something that he’s passionate about.

When he first hopped inside the F-150, he was impressed with the interior. But putting the truck to work – hauling a trailer up a mountain near Banff – convinced him to make a change.

“That was my favourite part,” he said. “I drive with trailers quite often and I know that area quite well. I was in disbelief that I could tow a trailer over that pass with the power they said it would (have). It beat my expectations.”

Aiding in the adventure

The F-150 certainly compliments EJ’s adventurous side. He moved to Canmore, Alta., in 1998 to pursue ice climbing (climbing frozen waterfalls). The sport itself is very gear intensive and requires a powerful truck that can traverse the sometimes-rough terrain.

“Ice climbing and pickup trucks go hand-in-hand,” he said, noting that he wants to one day use an F-150 for his weekend adventures. He was attracted to the EcoBoost engine and its ability to offer great fuel economy, in addition to plenty of power.

“I didn’t think it was possible,” he said. “I always thought, ‘I need a big truck and fuel is just a part of it.’ I don’t need to accept that anymore.”

Swap in a heartbeat

After driving the F-150 with the optional EcoBoost engine for the day, EJ didn’t want to give the keys back.

“I’d swap my ride in a heart beat,” he said. “I wasn’t really a believer, but now I am. I wouldn’t put my name behind it if I didn’t think so.”

To really understand EJ’s experience, take Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge today!