The Focus ST  – a really expensive sports car

Behind the wheel of an Ecoboost-powered 2013 Ford Focus ST, Alisse feels as though she is driving a “really expensive, luxury sports car.”

Last month Alisse was invited to be part of a Ford commercial shoot for the Swap Your Ride EcoBoost Challenge, with participants road-tripping from Halifax to PEI. Originally from Victoria, B.C., Alisse made a cross-Canada trek when she moved to Toronto in her 2000 Ford Focus. But she had never been out East.

The Perfect Guy

Asked to describe EcoBoost after experiencing the powerful engine, Allisse said it made her think of “Mother Nature kicking the car in the butt… I have a ridiculous imagination.”  Alisse went on to mention how for her, a vehicle with EcoBoost is comparable to the ‘perfect guy’, “one that’s romantic and intelligent at the same time.” Alisse encourages people to try the vehicle for themselves, as driving is believing. “You can tell people about it but unless they are actually behind the wheel, driving the car, I don’t think they can grasp what it’s all about.” 

Disclaimer – “I’m not an actor”

Even though she appeared in a commercial, Alisse isn’t an actress. “I’m a little too real of a person for that, what you see is me, no acting involved. What was shared was my real genuine opinion.” Alisse couldn’t believe how much more advanced the 2013 Focus was from her own 2000 model. “I was very surprised. I didn’t think there would be such a big difference between the cars. But there is no comparison whatsoever.” What she enjoyed most about the 2013 Focus ST was its power. “I kept forgetting I was driving a standard because shifting in and out of gears was so smooth. I felt like I was gliding through the entire test drive.”

The Road Trip Queen

After spending nearly eight hours with the vehicle, I asked Alisse how she made out with all the driving.  She shared how over the years she has become the road trip queen.

“Whenever I got in trouble as a kid my mom would take me for a drive in the car. We wouldn’t talk, we would just drive and I would never want her to stop driving because that’s when I knew we would start talking about things and that’s when I would get into trouble. These little road trips we would take was always the calm before the storm and I think it was a way for my mom to calm herself down but still be near me.

“As I got older, when something wasn’t going right I would just hop in my car and drive. It’s an outlet for me to help process my thoughts.”

Have you taken part in the EcoBoost Challenge?  We challenge you to test drive one today and share with us your experience!