In the auto world, vehicles are updated and upgraded every year. New features, new technology, new powertrains, new styles. For electrified vehicles, the march of technology means everything, as EVs still need to play “catch up” in the minds of some consumers.

The 2017 Focus Electric represents a step forward in the electrified vehicle movement at Ford. With an expanded range of up to 185 kilometres (thanks to a new, bigger battery) and DC fast charge capability (charging the battery to 80 per cent in an estimated 30 minutes), it’s all systems go for Ford’s electrified vehicles.


With the increased range of the all-new 2017 Ford Focus Electric, more and more drivers can do the math and consider an all-electric vehicle for their busy lives. Of course, all-electric models don’t yet meet the full suite of needs for all drivers, particularly when it comes to range.

That’s where plug-in hybrids are a smart, efficient choice – pairing the ability to drive in electric-only mode for shorter commutes and running errands with the peace of mind of a gasoline+electric hybrid for longer trips.

The Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid can achieve an outstanding range of up to almost 1000 kilometres on gasoline and electric power combined, while the highly-versatile C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid can achieves more than 900 km.


While vehicles with plug-in capability boast some big numbers, the most exciting additions to Ford’s electrified vehicle family may just be the nameplates about to join it.

In early 2017, Ford announced that the legendary Mustang and Canada’s top-selling truck, the Ford F-150, will feature hybrid models by 2020. With performance and capability at the core of what those vehicles represent to consumers, the coming availability of a hybrid option reflects a quantum leap forward in what hybrid technology can do.

Every year brings more versatility to Ford’s electrified lineup. With a fully electric SUV also set to arrive by 2020, there truly will be an EV for every driver. With electrified trucks, SUVs, compact cars,sedans – and even performance vehicles – the future of Ford looks greener by the day.

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