The Ford Mustang GT has a little something for everyone, including for those who like to compete one kilometre at a time. On the drag strip, racers prep their tires in the burnout box to warm them up and make sure they are clean of grease and road grime. The result? Maximum grip when it comes time to race. However, to do a clean and consistent burnout, many drivers equip their vehicles with a mechanical line lock, which locks the front brakes of a vehicle.

Mustang GT Burnout using line lock

The Mustang GT is equipped with an industry-first feature called electronic line lock, which, when enabled, keeps the front brakes locked while releasing the rear brakes and allowing the tires to spin. This, along with other driver-friendly technologies such as launch control, can give a perfect catapult as soon as the lights go green. The feature is offered on every 2015 Ford Mustang GT.

Driving is meant to be enjoyed. Electronic line-lock is one of the things that makes the Mustang GT an experience, not just a car.

Cinemagraph of the Mustang GT Burnout using line lock

Electronic line-lock for 2015 Mustang GT is intended for use only on racetracks. Repairs caused by racing are non-reimbursable under the warranty.