The Ford Focus ST has the heart and soul of a rally car, which makes it a blast to drive. It also means that when relegated to urban roads, it doesn’t realize its true potential. We wanted to give it a chance to roar on an offroad course with a professional driver – and to let you see what it’s like in the passenger’s seat first-hand.

We turned to the rally experts at Team O’Neil Rally School in New Hampshire to truly take the car through its paces. From sliding around hairpin turns to blazing fast straightaways to spinning donuts on the gravel, the Focus ST turned out some hot laps in the cool weather. With 252 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft- of torque*, kept in check by torque vectoring control (which helps balance power while accelerating around corners), the ST delivers goosebumps and adrenaline aplenty.

And the best part – we recorded the adventure in 360 degrees so that anyone can experience the fun. You can use either a virtual reality headset – such as Google Cardboard on an Android device – or click and drag to pan around the car if you are using your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. Note that the 360-degree experience doesn’t work in Internet Explorer or Safari, so use Chrome or Firefox for most awesome results.

* – Using 93-octane fuel