In Muskoka, Ontario, French’s Fine Homes, is a close knit family run business with a generational enthusiasm for Ford vehicles. Bert French, the father of the family was a Ford man and his passion for the vehicles was passed down to every child. Ever since the siblings can remember, their family has been a Ford Family. Whether for work or personal use, everyone owned a Ford. Bert went so far as to include a “Ford Only Parking” sign in the drive way.

His love of Ford vehicles started back when his father bought him a used Model T in the 1930’s. As a working man, he converted the Model T into a truck and built the foundation for the family farm with his father. No matter the job, he knew he could depend on his Ford. Even if the job was 150KM away, Bert enjoyed his Fords and knew the distance proved no match for his truck.

French's Fine Homes - Family picture 1946
French Family Picture 1946

According to his eldest son, Bert owned every kind of pick up Ford made. “I remember him having 48 Ford Panel trucks, 54 pick up trucks, and ’52, and a ’55, and a ’56. You know I can go on and on. He’s had just about every kind of Ford truck they can make.” and his collection grew to over 100 vehicles strong. It comes as no surprise that every sibling learned to drive with a Ford.

“My dad was always like that, it was all about the people.”

It comes as no surprise that Bert would stop and help stranded motorists during a snowstorm in his then Ford Bronco. With his deep interest in Ford vehicles displayed in the family home and business, it’s safe to say Bert was a life long Ford fan.