To say Competitive Cyclist Justin Skinner is a fan of his Focus ST is an understatement. Nicknaming his ride the “EcoBeast”, he loves every second as he transports his mountain bike to and from trails.

EcoBoost Engine & 6-Speed Manual Transmission

There’s truth behind the fun nickname, since the Focus ST has 252 horsepower and a high-output 2.0L EcoBoost Engine. Able to chew up the track and those long distance drives, the ‘Beast pulls like nothing Justin has ever driven before.

Justin is all smiles when he talks about the pure joy of driving his Focus ST and with good reason. A close ratio 6-speed manual gear box helps keep the engine within its power band between shifts. Having that overdrive 6th gear matched with the EcoBoost engine provides fuel efficiency benefits when you’re on the highway too.


He loves his ’Beast for more than its performance. Justin confesses he can’t live without its voice-activated SYNC® system. It reads his text messages, answers phone calls, and plays music from his phone without him touching a button. Who wouldn’t appreciate having that extra hand while trying to navigate busy streets?

Lots of Room

Space can be an issue with some sporty vehicles, but not the Focus ST. There’s a surprising amount of room in the back – so much, that Justin can put an extra bike in there. But, you don’t have to be an avid biker to realize how all that space could work for you.

Interior Craftsmanship

A fan of the interior and exterior, Justin appreciates the craftsmanship of the seats. He claims they’re the most comfortable he’s ever sat in. It’s no wonder he feels that way, RECARO seats provide a level of support which is rare for a car in this class. With accent stitching available, the seats really give his Focus ST that performance car feel.

Comfort, plus an engine that performs, makes transporting his bikes not only enjoyable, but a heart racing good time. The Focus ST embodies performance, technology, and design. Why not get in on the action and check out Share your #FordOwner story with us. You could be next!