Father’s Day is quickly approaching and let me guess, you haven’t bought a gift for dad yet? Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you feel bad – there’s no time for that!

The clock is ticking, so let’s get straight to business. Here are some Ford-themed gift ideas for the old man who takes pride in his ride.

BatFor the sporty dad

If your father likes baseball, this Louisville Slugger Bat ($89.00) makes the perfect gift. The wooden, 34-inch bat is all blue and features a prominent Ford logo. Dad can hang it up in his garage as a compliment to his ride, or even take it to the diamond to play with!


ShirtFor the stylish dad

Does your dad consider himself a man of fine taste? If yes, then you should check out this elegant Mustang Sport Shirt ($77.95). Featuring a dashing Mustang logo on the chest, it could be great for him to wear while cruising in his muscle car.



Trunk Organizer


For the neat freak dad

My dad likes to keep things extra clean, especially when it comes to his ride. If your old man is the same way, this trunk organizer ($28.69) will do the trick. It’s got Velcro strips that attach to car floors and carpets, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap that makes it easily movable.


Smartphone WalletFor the tech dad

Is your father attached to his smartphone? Really, nowadays, who isn’t? This intriguing smartphone wallet ($6.95) is something that’s sure to please him. Attaching to the back of most smartphones, it can hold up to three cards (business cards or credit cards). Dad can even fold up some cash and store it there too, if he wants.


Tire GaugeFor the practical dad

If your dad is riding around on a nice set of wheels, no doubt he’s constantly checking the tire pressure. That’s where this digital tire gauge ($29.95) comes in. He’ll never have to squint – or pull out the reading glasses – to see the pressure like he does on those annoying gauges with ruler markings.


CoolerFor the thirsty dad

Does your old man get easily irritated by the summer heat? No problem! This 24-can cooler ($36.95) might be the answer. It’s got a built in bottle opener and top bungee cords for even more storage. ’Nuff said!



CoolerFor the cowboy dad

OK so your dad drives around in his F-150 pretending he’s a cowboy. Mid-life crisis? Who cares – just embrace it and get him this straw cowboy hat ($15.95). #TruckYeah

Have you decided what you are going to get for your dad on the special day? Are you planning on doing anything special? Let us know in the comments below!