If the memory of 2013-14’s winter polar vortex still freezes your blood and sends a chill down your spine, you’re certainly not alone.

The endlessly plummeting temperatures that season left a cold, cold mark on Canadian Ford drivers—many of whom sat down with our Extreme Climate Team to discover what truly matters most when driving in frigid conditions. As it turns out, they had plenty to say on the matter!

For starters, there was the cozy factor—features including a heated steering wheel and heated front seats to keep hands, backs and bottoms all nice and toasty –ranked high on the list.

As did features for taking on the elements in their natural environment – outside of the vehicle. Features like windshield wiper de-icer tech that uses a local heating element to remove ice and snow, and heated side mirrors to help improve visibility, were also popular driver choices.

We knew right away that these were extremely good ideas, and so we equipped the 2017 Ford Escape with an all-new suite of available cold weather features (along with the exceedingly convenient remote start capability courtesy of FordPass with SYNC® Connect technology) just in time for Old Man Winter to attempt his worst.

We’re happy to say that these features on the new Escape will help make you feel warmer when – and where – you want it most. Bring on the cold—Ford’s ready for it!

Which Ford feature is your wintertime must have? Tell us about it in the comments or over on Ford Canada’s Facebook page.