Canadians have officially named Ford’s F-series the undisputed champion of trucks.

For the past seven years, our F-Series has been the top selling vehicle in all of Canada. And, for 50 consecutive years, our F-series has been named the bestselling pickup in the country. That’s five decades of sales leadership, and a claim that no other vehicle in the country can make.

We at Ford don’t take this milestone lightly. It’s an achievement that couldn’t be reached without the unwavering support of the F-Series family across Canada. Ford truck owners are passionate, knowledgeable, and know true quality when they see it.

So, as a small thank you – we wanted to do some fun things for our Ford family.

First, we celebrated with a badass cake – because any good party needs a cake.

Then, we brought new meaning to Built Ford Tough with an epic 12,000 piece domino effect. We partnered with Lily Hevesh, one of North America’s best domino artists, to build a custom piece with the stunning 2017 Super Duty standing in as the model.

The sprawling master domino plan was custom-designed for Ford Canada and built over two full days, requiring 32 hours of painstaking precision.

We at Ford put a lot of detail, craftsmanship, and technology into our trucks – and we recognized those same qualities in our domino artist.

We had one shot to pull off this massive project and we were thrilled by the results.

Much has changed in the last 50 years, but our commitment to producing the best pickups in the market has always remained consistent. Here’s to the next 50, Canada!