Gabriela Vasileva always seems to be on the go.

Whether it’s attending school, weekend road-tripping with friends, or interning at Ford Canada, she relies on her car to get her from A to B.

“I spend at least an hour and a half in my car every day,” says Gabi. “So I really need it to keep me going.”

It may just be a happy coincidence that Gabi started interning at Ford after purchasing her 2015 Ford Focus SE, but there’s no mistaking how much she appreciates the car’s features while behind the wheel.

The rear camera is a must, especially when she’s backing out of a narrow driveway—the camera’s sensors and dashboard display monitor help ensure she does so safely.

When she’s finally out on the open road, Gabi also counts Ford Sync amongst her must-haves. From changing playlists to making a hands-free phone call, Gabi appreciates that it’s a safe and hands-free alternative.

Reliable and roomy (a big selling point now that she carpools to work), the 2015 Ford Focus SE is everything Gabi needs—and wants—in a car.

“My car means a lot to me,” she says. “I need something that’s reliable, that can keep me going, but also something that’s a little fun.”