We know that most Canadians don’t realize just how far a plug-in hybrid vehicle can take them. A recent poll conducted by Ford Canada shows the range of these cars is vastly underestimated.

The 2017 Ford Fusion Energi is a plug-in hybrid, which combines a gas engine with a battery-powered electric motor that can be charged by plugging in to the grid and also recharged while you are driving. This combination allows Fusion Energi to eliminate range anxiety by boasting a 982 kilometre estimated total range (combining the electric battery range with the fuel consumption figures associated with the gas-powered engine.)

Family time

But what does 982 kilometres mean for the average Canadian? Let’s look at some examples of how far that could take your family:

  • You could drive back and forth from the edge of Niagara Falls to the CN Tower in Toronto (round trip, 255KM) eight times!
  • See all of Nova Scotia with a full trip across the province! Start on Cape Breton in Sydney, drive through Halifax onto Yarmouth on the far western arm, then up to Wolfville on a single charge and tank! 943km all within Canada’s ocean playground!
  • Take in all beautiful British Columbia has to offer – without stopping! Start in beautiful Kamloops BC, then drive (with some help from the local ferry service) to idyllic Tofino for some surfing. Once you’ve got your fill of the sea, head back to land up to Whistler Mountain for some fresh powder!

At home on the road!

Not only families, but sports fans across Canada can show their support from coast to coast when they’re behind the wheel of a Fusion Energi:

  • Hockey fans could drive between the professional hockey arenas in Edmonton and Calgary three times without stopping to refuel
  • Imagine driving from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto to see a game at the big league rink in Ottawa, then on to a game in Montreal and back to Ottawa with room to spare…
  • Feeling daring? Saddle up and drive directly from Vancouver’s big rink to take in a road game in Calgary. The mountains will make the scenery memorable but they may have your battery working a bit of overtime. Consider a stop at a level 2 charging station in Banff, Lake Louise, or Canmore to take in some electrons and sights? They’re on the way and free of charge!
  • Football fans in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan could pile into their Fusion Energi, take in a Canadian football game in Regina and then make tracks for Winnipeg where they can watch an away game, all on a single tank and charge!

Study up!

More and more university students head out of province for higher education. How about making some of these familiar treks on a single tank of gas and plug-in charge?

  • From Westmount, just outside Montreal, to the fast-growing University of New Brunswick (approx. 850km)
  • From West Vancouver to the University of Northern British Columbia (approx. 800 km)
  • What about a study break? Make it from Simon Fraser to Lake Louise with plenty of room to spare on your tank! (approx. 784km)
  • From UPEI in Charlottetown to Laval University in Quebec City, door-to-door, without stopping for fuel! Route your trip through Maine or keep it Canadian through New Brunswick; at 915km you’ll come in under the Fusion Energi’s range either way. Plus you get to cruise across the Confederation Bridge!
  • Touring potential schools for your kids? Use your Fusion Energi’s range to go from Nipissing to Queen’s to Western – a 900km trip – without needing to gas up!

The freedom and increased efficiency of a plug-in hybrid like the Fusion Energi is unmatched. Get out and see more of our country, one fewer trip to the pump at a time.

Where will you take your Fusion Energi? Tell us below, or comment on Ford Canada’s Facebook page.