What does mobility in the present and not-so-distant future look like?

For Ford researchers, mobility is all about forward momentum, with one foot in today and one in tomorrow. As guests at the Consumer Electronics Show and the North American International Auto Show saw firsthand, Ford is shifting into an even higher gear, inspiring innovation and helping cities solve mobility challenges to create a future – and present – where people can really go further every single day.

And going further doesn’t only mean making safer, smarter and more capable vehicles. And it doesn’t stop when you exit your vehicle. Going further includes all types of mobility – at home, on the road, and everywhere in between.

More than ever, Ford is focused on creating new vehicles, technologies and mobility options that will make life easier and better for not only Canadians, but people all over the world. From increased investment in electrified vehicles, to leading autonomous vehicle research and development, to challenging employees to develop mobility innovations – Ford does Go Further, So You Can.

Innovation in the near future

How will mobility technology develop to meet the increasing needs of those living in and visiting large cities?

Ask Ford’s City Solutions team. The only team of its kind in the auto industry, the City Solutions team is working directly with cities all over the world, developing and testing cutting edge mobility solutions designed to make life easier by addressing city-specific issues like gridlock and air pollution.

Services like Ford Smart Mobility LLC’s Chariot, an app-based crowd-sourced ride share service, are gaining popularity. Chariot currently operates in a couple North American cities with plans to expand throughout the year. Soon will be the day we can say, “Your chariot awaits.”

Other innovations like the electric rideable platform Carr-E could eventually allow commuters to travel where cars aren’t able, or provide an alternate transportation option for drivers in congested urban areas, or even haul items that are too heavy or awkward for someone to carry. Designed with the intention of making commuting easier and more fun, the Carr-E is an answer to the Last Mile Mobility Challenge; it’s a complement to your current vehicle, taking up roughly as much space as a spare tire and recharging while you drive or have your electric vehicle charging.

Electrified to autonomous

How does the next five years look? Ford fans have plenty to look forward to as Ford plans to introduce fully autonomous vehicles in 2021. You can also expect to see hybrid versions of some favourite Ford vehicles, like Mustang and F-150.

The electrified vehicle market is only growing – Ford researchers expect the global EV industry to rival and eventually overtake gasoline-powered offerings in the next fifteen years. Ford’s investments in EV research means that drivers can expect greater range and efficiency with more capable and more fun to drive electrified vehicles across the board.

What’s more, Ford is testing out new ways to charge your EVs – including wireless technology that turns a parking spot into a charging opportunity. This could be a lifesaver for drivers concerned they might forget to recharge before a long journey.

In SYNC with the future

The sky is the limit thanks to the power of Ford SYNC AppLink and its capability for the latest technological innovations. Companies like Amazon and Sygic are dreaming up all kinds of app innovations that might one day be part of your Ford’s SYNC system. From Amazon’s Alexa to mobile payments, usage-based insurance and wearables – the forecast is bright for Ford drivers.

In the future you’ll have the chance to meet Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Alexa can help you access your car from home and numerous other internet-enabled in-car features such as: requesting news, adding items to your Amazon shopping list, or accessing security systems, lighting, and other Alexa smart home devices. You’ll simply need to tap the voice recognition button on your wheel and say, “Alexa.”

The Sygic Car Navigation app is the first to project your smartphone directly to the in-car touchscreen. When the smartphone is paired to the vehicle, the app is projected onto the screen and controlled by voice commands making navigation more convenient and less distracting to the driver. All the mobile functionality without having to handle your mobile device while driving!

Also coming to your vehicle in the near future is a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing passengers to stay connected, free to binge watch or check email while also being able to monitor data usage and other network settings from the touch screen.

Better, more connected tomorrow

While there’s plenty to look forward to in the near future, it’s Ford’s job to look well into the future – so that the next generation can go even further.

From high-speed public transit, to quick-deploy drones, to an advanced traffic ecosystem with a seamlessly shifting infrastructure, Ford wants to lead the way to less traffic congestion, nearly zero traffic collisions, and reduced air pollution.

Solving mobility challenges today is no small responsibility – and these are just some of the ways that Ford is Going Further, So You Can!

Which innovation – available now or in development for the future – has you most excited? Let us know in the comments below or on Ford Canada’s Facebook page!