It takes more than an attractive figure to make a supercar great.

The Ford GT has the sharp, innovative design… (in fact, head off to @FordCanada on Instagram for an EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES journey as the Ford GT comes to life, courtesy of Ford Performance and Multimatic)

…but the latest facts and figures are really turning heads! We’re talking huge performance numbers, top speeds that will blow your hair back and make every fan of performance vehicles stand up and take notice.

It’s only natural. When you produce the highest top speed of any Ford production vehicle ever made, an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping 347 kilometres per hour (or 216 mph for our friends south of the border), people tend to pay attention.

Which is exactly what happened during recent testing at Calabogie Motorsports Park (about 100 kilometres outside of Ottawa), when the active dynamics systems for both suspension and aerodynamics pushed the 3.5L twin turbocharged EcoBoost engine to new heights for a Ford production vehicle.

That EcoBoost engine is SAE-rated at 647 horsepower and 550 lb.-ft. of torque, pushing it to perform in more than just straight line tests. Under identical conditions (all vehicles track-prepped with new fluids, fresh tires and optimal suspension settings, with the same driver behind the wheel) the Ford GT outpaced its two closest competitors, the McLaren 675LT and Ferrari 458 Speciale.

  • Ford GT: 2:09.8
  • McLaren 675LT: 2:10.8
  • Ferrari 458 Speciale: 2:12.9

Ford engineers credit weight savings gained through the carbon fiber architecture as one of the keys to the GTs tremendous on-track performance. Weight savings were reinvested into the vehicle to help make it a leaner, meaner, track-destroying machine.

2017 Ford GT

The incredible design and distinctive roar of the Ford GT mean it was always an attention grabber. The performance and incredible real-world numbers are sure to capture the imagination of supercar fanatics for a long time to come.

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Exclusive Ford GT Production Photo

And, a reminder in case you missed it above – check out @FordCanada on Instagram for an EXCLUSIVE BEHIND THE SCENES journey as the Ford GT comes to life, courtesy of Ford Performance and Multimatic!