The EcoBoost engine, and logo, are familiar to Ford drivers across the world. EcoBoost technology exists, in one form or another, in nearly every vehicle to wear the Blue Oval badge. It’s the Ford GT leading that award-winning pack.

Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost engine wins again at the International Engine Of The Year awards!

The 1.0-litre EcoBoost Engine is the six-time International Engine of the Year award winner. EcoBoost engines also power F-Series trucks, the dynamic Focus RS, most Mustangs, and Canada’s top-selling lineup of SUVs, from Expedition to EcoSport and everything in between.

But when the jewel of the Ford Performance crown, the Ford GT supercar, was outfitted with a 3.5-litre Turboboosted EcoBoost engine, a lot of heads turned. Wait, what? An EcoBoost engine? And not even a V8?

Safe to say, the record-breaking GT and its 347 kilometers per hour (216 miles per hour, for our friends south of the border) top speed speaks for itself. The GT’s engine was developed right alongside the engine for the world renowned F-150 Raptor. The two share nearly 60% of their parts.

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The benefits of the most powerful EcoBoost engine ever produced are as clear as the Ford GT’s lightning fast speed. But the benefits of going with the 3.5-litre EcoBoost extend beyond the power output. The more compact engine makes for a more tapered fuselage, which means more efficient dimensions – not possible with a bulkier V8.

These aerodynamic gains, combined with the innovative usage of lightweight materials, make this the sleekest, fastest Ford vehicle ever built. It’s no wonder that EcoBoost technology continues to be the centrepiece of Ford’s global lineup.

When it comes to designing this essential technology, fuel efficiency and power are top of mind for Ford engineers. From the 1.0-litre to the 3.5-litre, Ford’s EcoBoost engines continue to deliver innovation with each iteration. Whether you’re in a Ford GT or any of its cousins, you’re in good company.

And when we’re talking family, look no further than the 3.5-litre EcoBoost-equipped all-new 2018 Ford Expedition, ready to help Canadians take on the wild this fall. Featuring a class-exclusive 10-speed transmission, and best-in-class towing capability, the Expedition offers more proof that it’s handy to have an “EcoBeast” under the hood.

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