Water Strategy Announcement Graphic

We can dream of a future where vehicles run on water – in the meantime, Ford pledges to use a whole lot less of the precious resource in building the cars, trucks and SUVs of today.

With a focus on sustainability and conservation, Ford aims to use zero potable (drinking) water in the vehicle manufacturing process by 2020, reducing its water consumption by nearly 75%!

In practical terms, it means that every gallon (3.8L) of water used in the year 2000 will be reduced to one litre by 2020.

The latest target is the continuation of Ford’s Global Water Management Initiative that started more than 15 years ago. Since the year 2000, Ford has reduced its water consumption by more than 60%, nearly 40 billion litres or 10 billion gallons! That’s enough to create almost one million NHL-sized hockey rinks!

10 billion gallons of water equates to

Water is conserved through a variety of innovative practices, such as the 2-wet paint process, as well as near-dry machining, known as MQL. With innovative techniques like these, as well as real-time metering and aggressive water use management, the next target is zero water withdrawal for manufacturing processes!

It’s a lofty goal, but one Ford feels uniquely qualified to tackle, as one of just eight companies to earn an “A” grade from CDP, the world’s only global environmental disclosure group.

Water is an incredibly valuable resource; one Ford intends to protect the world over. From exciting technologies to working with suppliers to manage their water consumption, reducing our water usage is a goal we can all get behind.

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