The best vehicle technology is like a good referee in a hockey game – you know it’s there when you need it, but when you don’t it’s in the background waiting to help at a moment’s notice. . Eventually, this technology integrates itself into our lives so that we can’t imagine driving without it. It’s invisible and seems to know what we need before we know we need it.

In this way, most modern car tech is, in a word, magical.

Ford is always looking to add new technology, or improve existing technology, in our vehicles – to improve the experience of driving a Ford, in ways both big and small. In short, Ford aims to Go Further with vehicle technology so that you can Go Further every day.

Sometimes, it’s important to take a step back and acknowledge the role vehicle technology plays in our lives. To put a face to a name, as they say.

Bringing technology to life

What if this Ford tech took on human form? We think it would be eager to please and happy to help. It would be excited to show you just what it could do to make your life better. After all, that’s technology’s job!

From smart sensors that can tell when you’re close to your vehicle and ready to load some cargo, to a thoughtful interface that understands you, Ford tech just wants to help.

When it comes to the big stuff, like saving you and your business time (and money) with backup assistance, or reducing the severity of collisions (or even avoiding them altogether) to help keep the roads and pedestrians safer, Ford tech runs the gamut when it comes to making people’s lives better.

What Ford technology would you like to see personified? Let us know in the comments below or visit Ford Canada on Facebook to have your say!