You arrive at the big basketball game just in time for tip off, but you’re distracted – convinced that you forgot to lock the doors to your car. You can’t shake it, you need to do something about it.

You run out to lock your car and dash back to your seat, only to learn you missed DeMar DeRozan throwing down the most ferocious dunk your friends have ever seen. Now you’re stuck waiting for the post-game highlights, all because you forgot to lock your car.

Sound familiar? Thanks to SYNC Connect, powered by the all-new FordPass App, this scenario can be a thing of the past.

More than piece of mind for absent-minded sports fans, FordPass and SYNC Connect provide valuable solutions for parents, too.

Trust is one thing, but the piece of mind that comes with knowing your teenager is at the movies like he said is another level of comfort. Use the FordPass app to check your vehicle’s location with FordPass.

What does FordPass do for you?

FordPass Blog Image 3The FordPass App is a groundbreaking enhancement to your ownership experience. With specific models, the app allows users to lock and unlock their doors, check their vehicle’s fuel level, start their car and do much more – all from the palm of their hands. Users can locate a parking spot in the city before they leave and even pin an available spot on the street.

The app also works with your vehicle’s GPS so you know exactly where your vehicle is at all times. If you’re not quite sure where you are or in need of assistance, FordPass enables users to call or chat with one of our FordGuides: experts who can help with anything and everything Ford-related.

How does FordPass start my car?

Select 2017 Escape and Fusion models, as well as the F-150s available this fall, are equipped with a system called SYNC Connect. SYNC Connect is a device that allows the vehicle to communicate with your phone through a 4G cellular signal. Once an owner downloads the app, he/she will be able to seamlessly send commands to their car.

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FordGuides might just become your new best friends

FordGuides are a breakthrough in car concierge services, real people available via the app’s chat feature as well as ready for phone calls at the touch of a button. There’s even a quick hits page with common or frequently-asked questions. These Guides are there to help you with all things Ford and more! (If you ask nicely.)

Moving forward with FordPass

After much anticipation, the FordPass app is here, representing the first step for Ford in its transition from a car company to a mobility company. Beyond your vehicle, Ford’s efforts are concentrated on making your journey from A to B and anywhere in between that much better. You choose the destination; let us provide you with the best experience getting there.

How to get the App






The app is available for download from the Apple App store and the Google Play store.