At Ford Canada, we’re blown away by the love and support we’ve gotten from Canadians since the launch of our Facebook page.  We love seeing all the great conversations taking place – we really do!  It’s awesome interacting with our fans – both new and old.

With 25,000 likes, we have hit a major milestone. But still, there are many Canadian Ford lovers out there who have yet to discover our Facebook page. For those of you looking for a reason to ‘like’ Ford Canada, here are four things you should know about our Facebook page.

  1. We listen.  We’re serious when we say our Facebook page is more than just a page.  Our customer service team, product managers, and many other team members spend time on our Facebook page listening and taking part in the conversations. You’ve got a question? We’ll try to get you the answer.  You have a problem? We’ll help you get a solution.
  1. We give you the inside scoop.  Want to be the first person you know to learn about Ford news?  This is the place to do it.  Since we’ve launched, we’ve been able to give our Facebook fans first crack at exciting news like the unveiling of the 2013 F-150, the first Focus Electric ride-along in Canada, and show off the specs to the all-new Explorer Sport. Wouldn’t you like to be in the know?
  1. We give you a place to belong.  Ford has and always will be a company built on family.  Our employees are family, and our customers are too.  For over 100 years, Ford Canada has been a part of almost every community across Canada, and our Facebook page is the next step. It’s a place where everyone with an interest in Ford is welcome. Everyone has an equal opportunity to add to the conversation, to support, question, celebrate, and even disagree. It is a true community. With Ford Canada on Facebook, everyone’s voice has value.
  1. We open the door to the Ford world.  There are millions of people all over the world talking about Ford ownership and lifestyle.  The Ford Canada Facebook page is your gateway into this world.  From customizers, to racers, to classic collectors, we give you the ‘keys’ to the kingdom. But it isn’t just news – we share links to stories, organizations and events where you can go deeper, learn more, and connect with people just like you.  Or, just sit back and take it all in.  It’s up to you.


Occasionally our editors forget we are an auto company and just start filling our pages with pictures of cats.  It happens when you work in social media!  It might have something to do with our editors.  Have you met them?