During our recent visit to Vancouver we had the chance to spend the day with tech blogger John Biehler as he tried the 2013 Ford Escape. Biehler is a self-described jack-of-all-trades when it comes to technology. Based in B.C., he is a regular contributor to various outlets including Miss604.com, the DottoTech radio show and the Province newspaper. We figured he was the perfect person to test the smart features of the new Escape.

Of all the smart technologies in the Escape, the Active Park Assist and SYNC technology were two of John’s favourites.

John seemed shocked when he first used the Active Park Assist. Even though he knew he only had to press a button and follow instructions – without even touching the steering wheel – he was still amazed. “It’s like playing a video game where the car is driving for you,” he said, adding that this is the perfect technology for people who hate parallel parking.

John was also really impressed by how easy it was to connect his smartphone using SYNC technology, which he said was “elegantly presented” and “easily accessible.” It’s a feature that allows you to safely control many aspects of your smartphone, such as reading text messages, answering incoming calls, or browsing through music – all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

You can also read his complete review about the Ford Escape by visiting his blog at johnbiehler.com.

Do you have trouble parallel parking? Have you ever tried the Active Park Assist? Let us know in the comments below!