There are few winter frustrations quite like frozen wiper blades. Caked in ice and snow, each pass of the wiper makes it harder to see the road. Braving the weather, we leap from our vehicles to snap the wiper clear while muttering, “you had one job!” to nobody in particular.

2017 Ford Escape When it comes to harsh winter conditions, sometimes it feels like our best option is to pray. We try keeping our windshield wipers free of snow and ice by directing them to the sky, like a prayer to the gods for safe driving and fickle rubber. It turns our windshield into an automotive emoji, a hopeful (if futile) attempt to triumph over frozen adversity.

Heaven-sent heaters keep wipers and windows clear

So when it was announced that the 2017 Escape boasts a windshield wiper de-icer as a standard feature, it felt like our prayers had been answered!

You mean a system will clear light snow and ice from the wiper blades in under 10 minutes, even if the outside temperature is -25°C? And I can activate it with SYNC Connect and my smartphone? Where do I sign???

It’s the kind of feature that makes you wonder how you ever got along without, as Ford fix glass engineer Jennifer Gauthier suggests. She calls the de-icer a “great solution to one of the more nagging problems of winter.”

Built for winter in Canada

The windshield wiper de-icer is part of a suite of cold weather equipment available on the 2017 Escape. Most Escapes (SE and Titanium) will also include heated side mirrors, engine block heater, PTC cabin heater, heated front seats and available all-weather floor mats. Titanium models also include a heated steering wheel and remote start. With an extensive list of cold weather equipment, Escape is sure to strike a blow against Old Man Winter.

The wiper de-icer is sure to catch lots of attention, and deservedly so. Any feature that increases visibility and safety while reducing frozen fingers and winter-based irritation is a winner for all drivers battling against the elements each winter.

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