There are not many creatures on this planet that better embody the ideal of “go small, live big” than the worker bee. This crucial lynchpin of our ecosystem is a model of efficiency and how to get the most out of a small package.

It comes as no surprise then that Ford engineers kept nature’s hardest worker in mind when developing the all-new 2018 Ford EcoSport.

When it came to designing the EcoSport’s cargo area, Ford engineers took inspiration from the determination and focus that makes “bee” a suitable shorthand for “hard worker”. It’s the distinct honeycomb pattern perfected by bee colonies the world over that inspired this latest sustainable innovation.

“A testament to nature’s ingenuity”

The EcoSport is known for its ability to let drivers go small but live big, packing a ton of tech and features into a small, sleek package. When it comes to storage, it comes back to the honeycomb, which is the best way to provide strength in a lightweight arrangement.

Honeycomb design makes the EcoSport cargo shelf lightweight but powerful
Honeycomb design makes the EcoSport cargo shelf lightweight but powerful

Able to hold more than 100 times its weight, the floorboard and cargo shelf in the 2018 EcoSport, made with 100% recycled paper and a water-based glue, weighs just 2.7kg but supports more than 315kg of cargo.

Go small, live big!

Just like how bees store honey, the versatile cargo area of the EcoSport allows drivers maximum control over where they store their stuff. The shelf sits in four different positions, depending on what you’re moving:

  • The lowest position, right on the floor for maximum storage;
  • Middle position provides secure storage under floorboard;
  • High position, creating space underneath while also lining up with the second-row seats when they’re laid flat; or
  • It can be removed completely and stored against the second-row seats.

The power of the bee

You can’t help but wonder if the Ford team doesn’t have bees on the brain. At the expansive Ford Rouge Centre facility in Michigan, one Ford engineer serves as a part-time beekeeper, overseeing the two hives installed on the energy-efficient green roof.

Beehives at the Ford Rouge Complex
Beehives at the Ford Rouge Complex

The adjustable floorboard in just one of the ways the all-new 2018 Ford EcoSport give drivers the power to choose and customize their vehicle, allowing them to do more with less. No wonder there’s so much…BUZZ around the newest Ford SUV!

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