Imagine you’re driving on an icy, dark road with your family. A sharp turn comes up suddenly, and the next thing you know, your car has lost control and rolled over on its side. This can be one of the most horrifying accidents you could encounter.

We recently visited a seat belt clinic hosted by the Ontario Provincial Police at the Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto, where a simulated rollover was staged. Bill Watts, provincial constable for the OPP, shared this advice that could limit danger in the event of a rollover:

  • Pets should be secured with proper harnesses attached to the seats. These harnesses come in different sizes and styles and are available at most pet stores.
  • Simple household objects can become projectiles during a rollover. This can include items like snowbrushes, water bottles or coffee cups. “Anything hard and loose, we recommend putting into the trunk of the car, or in the back of a van with a cargo net,” says Watts. “If things are small enough, they can go in the glove box or pockets.”
  • It’s very important to wear your seat belt properly. The strap should be on your shoulder – not tucked under your arm or sitting behind your back. “When the seat belt isn’t worn correctly, the odds of leaving your vehicle or being tossed around … and getting seriously hurt or killed increases.”
  • Children sitting in the back should not be leaning forward. This sometimes happens when they’re wearing the seat belt around their waists, but not their shoulders. It can be very dangerous and may cause them to be violently rattled during a rollover.