When a windshield is always filled with traffic, signs and asphalt, it can be a challenge to find inspiration in a big city. But when you’re behind the wheel of a 2016 Ford Edge or new 2017 Escape, you find what you seek around every corner.

Adeyemi Adegbesan is a Toronto-based artist who shoots under the lens-name, Soteeoh.

With a unique handle that commemorates his hometown, it should be no surprise that Soteeoh is inspired by urban environments. Earlier this year, he grabbed his gear, some friends and spent a few days playing urban explorer.

Edge and Escape made everything easy. With pure curiosity as their navigator, getting around midtown, downtown and the suburbs was effortless.

Not wanting to draw too much attention, a “stop and go” strategy was the order of the day. Both the Edge and Escape were perfectly dialed-in for the game, moving powerfully and efficiently from place to place.

Cities have a vibe. Over 600 square kilometres of backdrop made choosing the right spot an intriguing challenge. Soteeoh’s approach to each shot was to freeze the architecture, texture, colour and energy of every moment. In essense, to create a time capsule. With sleek lines and purposeful stances, the Edge and Escape stood out, yet blended in perfectly.

For Soteeoh, the most under-appreciated Toronto spot is Bluffer’s Park, in Toronto’s east end. With ancient escarpments that rise almost 100 metres above Lake Ontario, it’s a striking contrast to the rest of the city that lives, works and plays right up to the water’s edge.

Hey, Toronto, can you recognize the sights? Click here to see more of Soteeoh’s pics.


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